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Because we are in the Managed Lands Deer Program, we have an early hunting season -- our hunting season begins early October.  Also, while a valid Texas Hunting License is required, all deer harvested on our property will be tagged with a special MLDP tag, and will not require the use of a tag from your hunting license.      

Must See --- Click Here for some October 2016 photos from our game camera

Brush Country Inc. is a 2,800-acre whitetail deer hunting ranch, located in Duval County, Texas, deep within the heart of the South Texas brush country.  Hunters come from all over the world to hunt deer in South Texas because it provides a quality native habitat for deer.  The native brush that grows in large quantities provides a natural food source for the deer to browse.  This food source, along with supplemental nutrition that we provide, helps to make a deer's body and antler size larger than they would be otherwise.  And, of course, larger bucks make for better deer hunting.

Our property, a former South Texas cattle ranch, is fully enclosed in a high deer-proof fence.  This container around our property allows us to manage the abundant wildlife that naturally inhabits this incredible landscape.  For more than 10 years, we have worked to create a first class wildlife habitat for the enjoyment of whitetail deer hunters and feral hog hunters.  The South Texas ranch features both food plots, and feeders.  This supplemental feed helps our deer and hogs to get the protein they need to grow to their fullest potential.

The best reason to choose Brush Country Inc. as your hunting outfitter is that our ranch is under a wildlife management program, so the number of deer harvested each year is carefully controlled, meaning, our property is not over hunted.  Each year, we conduct a helicopter survey of our deer population.  We check for an appropriate buck to doe ratio, we check for the quality of our herd, and we get recommendations for the number of bucks and does that should be hunted each year.

We are also actively involved in managing the deer habitat.  We take steps to maintain appropriate amounts of cover, and we also take steps to improve our pastures when possible.  Sometimes this involves planting beneficial plants and shrubs.  Of course, we also manage the predator population on the property so that young fawns have a high probability of reaching adulthood.  Several years ago, we also took steps to improve our herd by purchasing some genetically superior deer.

All of these efforts produce what we refer to as management bucks, or management deer . Each year, we make our whitetail deer available to hunters, but our supply of bucks is limited.  Also, we have available each year, a limited supply of trophy sized bucks with a superior antler spread.  (See our hunting packages below for information on the B&C rating system).  Check our photo gallery for photos of South Texas whitetail deer harvested on our ranch.

We have everything in place to make a great deer hunting experience.  We have onsite accommodations, including comfortable rooms and meals.  Our guides are experienced, and with their assistance, we expect each deer hunter to have a high probability of harvesting a quality buck.  Our hunters have the option of hunting from deer stands at strategic locations, or hunting their buck on foot.  Hunters have the option of hunting with a rifle, or bow.  Other recreational activities available include Satellite TV, and hunting for "add-ons", meaning hogs, javelina, does, "cull bucks" and spikes.

It is our sincere hope that these efforts will create memorable experiences for all of our hunters.  So please consider Brush Country Inc. to be the outfitter for you next South Texas hunting trip.

We have Bucks, and Does, and more Bucks!    South Texas Deer Hunting at its finest!
Photo of a whitetail buck, hog, doe, deer

As a hunting outfitter, we have everything in place for your hunting vacation.

Our Hunting Camp

We have accommodations available on the property. Our guest trailer is a spacious 16 x 76 feet with 3 bedrooms a 2 full bathrooms. We also have satellite television available to our hunters.

Photo of Deer Hunting Camp

South Texas winters are usually mild, and temperatures during deer hunting season can vary from around freezing to ninety degree plus weather.  The good news is that deer hunting, can be enjoyed no matter what the temperature.

The South Texas "brush country" provides an interesting terrain for deer hunters to view and enjoy.  Trees are sparse, however there are occasional groups of mesquite trees and other less frequent varieties.

Texas Prickly Pear cactus, or Nopal cactus, are frequently encountered however it is best to view them from a distance.  Their thorns are sharp and can penetrate most clothing leaving painful quills embedded in the skin.  While cactus is to be avoided by hunters, the fruit, or pear of this cactus is a frequent food source for whitetail deer and other wildlife in South Texas.

In addition to cactus, other thorny shrubs are frequently encountered  (for example "Catclaw").  As a result, many South Texas hunters will bring protective chaps and jackets for walking through such thorny shrubbery.  While the brush can be troublesome to hunters, the brush provides cover and is an important food source for whitetail deer, and other wildlife in South Texas.

Another South Texas native plant, frequently noted by visitors, is Texas sage, or "ceniza" which provides color to the South Texas terrain.  The leaves are gray, and after a rain, the shrub will bloom in purple. 

Since most of our hunters are not from the South Texas brush country, our ranch provides a unique environment and a definite change of pace from their everyday lives.  No matter where you come from, South Texas deer hunting is an experience that we hope you will enjoy for years to come.

More Information About Brush Country Inc.

Information about Texas hunting licenses and Texas Hunting Regulations are available on  the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

Hunting Licenses and Permits
Where to Get Information and Licenses
Hunter Eduation Requirements

  • All hunters must have a valid Texas hunting license. 
  • While alcohol is allowed on the property, Brush Country Inc. will not provide any alcoholic beverages.
  • No one will be allowed to hunt or use a firearm while under the inluence of alcohol.
  • Brush Country Inc. will not funish firearms or ammunition.
  • Hunters under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one legal parent or guardian.
  • There are dangerous animals and plants on the property:   coyotes, rattlesnakes, cactus, and  thorny shrubs. 
  • Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • We are located near Freer, Texas, home of the Muy Grande Whitetail Deer Contest, which is the longest running Whitetail Deer contest.
  • Our guides will perform skinning and caping of all harvested animals, at no additional cost.
  • Meat Processing (and shipping within the U.S.) and Taxidermy Services are locally available.  However, these services are additional, and at the hunter's expense.
Some things to bring:

  • A suitable rifle or bow and ammunition.
  • A buck knife.
  • Warm clothing as well as a selection of cooler clothing.
  • Rain gear in case of inclement weather.
  • Ice chests.
  • A reliable flashlight.
  • An itch to bag a big buck!

From our property, Corpus Christi International Airport is the nearest airport with major aircarriers.  It is usually less than 1.5 hours driving time to and from the airport.  We are able to provide shuttle service from and back to the airport for an additional fee.  Check with us, in advance, about this option.

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